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Mushroom swing attachment

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Code: GYM 239

It is used for developing bilateral motor co-ordination, balance reflexes, visuomotor co-ordination, tonic (especially labyrinthine) reflex integration, improving postural (flexor and extensor) muscle tone and general stimulation of the nervous system through strong activation of the vestibular and proprioceptive system receptors.

Children with sensory integration issues have a number of ways to react to the environment. Sensory integration is a way of describing brain processes that help us take, organize, and respond effectively to information received or gathered from our 5 senses.

** Please note**
We currently do not supply the A-Frame for this swing. However, it can be attached to an existing hook, if you have one.

Size: Diameter 60 cm.

Age: 3+ (not a toy – to be used under adult supervision)

Maximum Load: 90kg

Weight: 6.5 kg.

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