Useful grant and funding information - 

We hope that you have enjoyed using the equipment provided by the Lending Library. As part of this scheme, we also want to offer you some additional information that you might find useful. 


Equipment grants Help to purchase computers or laptops. Also help available to buy essential items like washing machine, bed etc


Help to purchase mobility equipment for children -


The Boparan Charitable Trust can provide grants for wheelchairs, trikes, sensory books, toys and special wishes.


Support for families in the form of equipment, support, treatment and therapy



Grants for adaptive equipment, wheelchairs, hoists, sensory toys etc - ** currently 3 month waiting list**. Need reference from a professional 


Support to purchase equipment, days out, computers etc -


Grants for wheelchairs -


Grants for specialise equipment, wheelchairs or sensory toys. Also have a caravan in Brean for families to use. -


Grant support for seats, standing frames, tricycles, powered mobility, computers and respite breaks for disabled children. Preferred if application is from a professional body -


 Covid-19 support – 

Glasspool Charity trust -


Newby Trust - Smal grants of up to £250 towards household items. For people with disabilities, single parents.


Small one-off payment for families on low income. Grants towards household items like washing machines, fridges. Can only apply via a social worker, so worth flagging this charity up to them. The Percy Bilton Charity -


The Talisman Charitable Trust  - Grants for education, health, housing, disablement or disability. Must apply vis local authority or C.A.B.


Medical equipment, adaptive home equipment, travel expenses to hospitals, financial assistance towards hospital travel, respite - 


Financial support getting to hospitals for appointments  -


Support for terminally ill children – 

Charlie Cookson - Http://


Small grants for children with acquired brain injury -


Support for children with severe epilepsy. Funded implants and short breaks -


Grants for seizure/ epilepsy monitors -


Help for children with heart conditions. Applications must be made by nurse or other professional body on your behalf -


One-off support for children with epilepsy. Breathing Monitor and small grants



Heart monitors of Epilepsy -

Hospital Saturday Fund -


Short breaks -


Bursaries for breaks and holidays - Funding for help towards training for your P.A


Befriending service -



This document is being constantly updated. In the meantime, for more grants and trusts, see here -