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Mix and match 2 - Ultimate Game and Puzzle Box

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Code: GYM 226

Playing with the Klickerty and bead maze is simple and easy. Lovely bright colours and really robust. Two great multi-sensory cause and effect toys.

This little house will keep even the busiest of minds occupied. Comes with three different keys.
Great for hand-eye coordination and exercising those fine motor skills.

Some fun bead mazes to keep little fingers happy.
Great for exercising fine motor skills

Great for exercising fine motor skills through play. Arrange the shapes in order or try and whack the balls into the holes.

Four puzzles to work those little fingers and minds. Memory and fine motor skills are needed for these great games.

Diamond catch - Magnet pens are used to pick up the small gems.

Animal maze - Match the animal head with the right body.

Pairing game - Using your memory, can you make a pair?

Animal puzzle - Match the right animal in the right shape.

Recommended for 3 years and up

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